Team Building, Stress and Time Management

What is a team and what are the 5 stages of team development? Learn strategies for improving employee motivation and a sense of belonging and ownership amongst team members. Team concepts are important to the organisation. What is teamwork and what are the benefits of working as a team. Team philosophy, team connection, team support and team reflection. What are the triggers for stress in the workplace? How can stress be prevented in the workplace. It is important to recognise good work by employees but to also make sure that they are not taking on too much or creating unnecessary stress as this can become a major workplace health and safety issue.


QUALITY AREA – Staffing arrangements (QA4)

Team building is an active process by which a group of individuals set goals, tasks or outcomes and have aligned concepts and ideas.

This workshop explores the functions, roles and responsibilities of a team and team orientated concepts and presents to staff triggers for their stresses in education and how to manage these effectively. Included are ideas for effective time management and its importance for creating a calm environment for children and families. Stress management is introduced as a counterproductive measure to ensure a team can manage stress, events and contingencies within the workplace.

In Service Workshop:

This workshop is available in your service or at your workplace.

Price: $750.00 + GST for up to 15 participants (additional $50.00 + GST per participant) for 2 hour workshop.