Planning for babies and toddlers

People working with children under 24 months need to be highly skilled and responsive. Relationships need to be warm and attentive and flexibility in routine is essential.

The importance of the relationship you will share cannot be underestimated. The foundations for the child’s future development are laid within the first few years of life and you are fortunate to be able to contribute to this.

This workshop will look a little further than biological age. It will look at the skills that children possess. This will help us define what skills and knowledge we need to possess to provide appropriate care for the child.

QUALITY AREA – Educational program and practice (QA1)

How is the environment set to engage children? What communication systems are in place for the staff and families? Babies and toddlers are a vulnerable group and very reliant upon adults to provide their needs.

This workshop focuses on staff techniques when working with babies and toddlers and explores the specific needs of this age group through: understanding of child development and foundations for life, shared information for supporting the welfare and care of these young people, and considerations for planning and setting up environments for this specific age.

In Service Workshop:

This workshop is available in your service or at your workplace.

Price: $750.00 + GST for up to 15 participants (additional $50.00 + GST per participant) for 2 hour workshop.