Numeracy, Literacy and Inquiry based learning

The EYLF outlines “Positive attitudes and competencies in literacy and numeracy are essential for children’s successful learning. The foundations for these competencies are built in early childhood”. As Educators we have a responsibility to incorporate literacy and numeracy into our programs, but to do so in a way that is in keeping with the principles and practices of the EYLF and of sound early childhood practices.

Moving away from just stories to promote language. Explore what can be included in a language session and how you can keep the children’s attention. Practical ideas of how to engage children in the language and numeracy program.

QUALITY AREA – Educational program and practice (QA1)

Do you need more ideas for supporting learning in language and literacy and thinking skills? Discover how numeracy and literacy is embedded in everyday life activities, and how you can enhance this. The workshop will also look at strategies to use and possible resources for learning.

In Service Workshop:

This workshop is available in your service or at your workplace.

Price: $750.00 + GST for up to 15 participants (additional $50.00 + GST per participant) for 2 hour workshop.