Guiding and Supporting Children’s Behaviour

Guiding children’s behavior requires appropriate role modeling using our own behaviour to guide children in developing respect, self-confidence and self-regulation. Engaging in reflective practice around challenging behaviors can improve educators confidence and competence. Children respond well when they get positive and consistent guidance from Educators. It is important for families and Educators to work together to achieve the same goals to support children in developing the skills to manage their behaviours.

QUALITY AREA – Relationships with Children (QA5)

Many educators would agree that guiding and supporting children’s behaviour is one of the most challenging tasks within their role. This workshop explores core guidelines for promoting positive behaviour, contributing factors to behaviours and practical and meaningful strategies for engaging children in positive behaviours. Engaging in reflective practice around challenging behaviours can improve educators’ competence and confidence.

In Service Workshop:

This workshop is available in your service or at your workplace.

Price: $750.00 + GST for up to 15 participants (additional $50.00 + GST per participant) for 2 hour workshop.