Documentation in Early Childhood Settings

Documenting and reflection is the process of gathering evidence of children’s learning, described in the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) as ‘Assessment for Learning’. Educators can Identify ways to document and reflect on information as evidence of children’s learning. Educators explore the various styles and methods of documentation to support further planning as part of the planning cycle.

QUALITY AREA – Educational program and practice (QA1)

Can’t get your head around documentation? Need ideas to help make learning more visible? This workshop will explore the documentation cycle, look at thinking outside of the box when it comes to documentation and how to share documentation with children and families.

Gain an in-depth perspective on the reasons for, choices around, and visibility of documentation of children’s learning and developmental outcomes is often a challenge. This workshop aims to provide some insight into educators professional practice including styles of documentation, linkages to approved learning framework and national quality standards, and making documentation visible.

In Service Workshop:

This workshop is available in your service or at your workplace.

Price: $750.00 + GST for up to 15 participants (additional $50.00 + GST per participant) for 2 hour workshop.