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Fee for Service

Fees for self-funded students.

What is Fee For Service?

Fees for self-funded students.

Fee For Service fees apply when a student is not eligible for subsidies, government loans or where no subsidies are available.

Eligibility Criteria

Enrolling at ACCCO in a Fee For Service arrangement has the following eligibility criteria:

– Proof of identity

– Proof of Address

Please Note:

Other eligibility and evidence criteria may apply depending on the course you choose to enrol in.


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Where can I get more informtion?

Contact our ACCCO team for more information or to apply now!

[email protected] or 1300 139 406


What are the payment options available?

Paying for your study as a Fee For Service student can be difficult. We offer the following payment options.

Upfront payment

Students can choose to pay up to $1500 of their student contribution fees upfront at enrolment. Further payments of up to $1500 can be made at later stages of a student’s enrolment.

Payment plan

Students can choose to enter into a payment plan arrangement to pay off their student contribution fees in smaller amounts over a period of time.

Students entering into an ACCCO payment plan have the option of fortnightly or monthly payments.

Payment plans require an initial upfront payment towards their student contribution fees to set up the plan, and then each payment period a recurring payment amount is direct debited from the student’s nominated account.

Pay as you go

Students can choose to pay as they go. This is where a student will pay the fees for each unit of competency prior to commencing it. You do not need to pay for units ahead of time, only when you are ready to commence.



For further information please contact our VET Coordinator
on 1300 139 406 or email us at [email protected]