ACCCO has achieved and continues to achieve many professional highlights. Please see a snapshot below of some of our celebrations at ACCCO.

First ever child care apprenticeship in Australia was through ACCCO!

ACCCO was the first training provider to sign up an apprentice. From here ACCCO has gone on to train many thousands of apprentices and trainees in Education and Care.

Vet student outcomes

The 2017 National Centre for Vocational Education (NCVER) Student Outcomes Survey statistics show that ACCCO students have higher employment outcomes than all other training providers across Australia!

ACCCO graduates sit at 84.9% employment rate which is considerably higher than the 77.7% from all other Australian VET providers.

Of those students employed after training, 94.4% of students that studies with ACCCO found the training provided was relevant to their current job. Statistics show that from students enrolled with other training providers, only 79% of the students found the training relevant to their employment.

Accco indigenous workforce consultant

We would like to introduce our Indigenous Workforce Consultant, Robert Ah Wing.

Robert Ah Wing was born on Kalkadoon traditional lands, known today as Mount Isa, where the Elders spoke Kalkatungu language. He has a Masters in Indigenous Language Education from the University of Sydney. Robert has had an extensive background in implementing Indigenous training education and employment. He has an in-depth knowledge of developing and reviewing resources to compliment teaching of Aboriginal history and culture.

Robert has come on board with ACCCO to drive strategies to support the inclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Early Education and Care Services and Schools, including delivery of professional development and facilitation. As part of his role, he will be providing consultation and training to both ACCCO students and the wider community.

Robert’s passion is building pathways to support a cultural shift towards a truly reconciled and progressive community as he helps build a connection between people, land and language.

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